Easy Primary Songs for Piano

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"Easy Primary Songs for Piano" is the perfect book for beginning pianists who can play hands together. You'll find many of the most well-loved primary songs in this book, arranged in a simple but beautiful way.

In an effort to make this book simple and approachable, every song has been arranged in the keys of C, G, or F. Each song displays a keyboard chart above, showing the beginning hand positions and the sharps/flats included in the piece. Songs have been ordered by level of difficulty (Beginner: Level 1 to Level 2). Watch for helpful tips above each song and don’t be afraid to refer to the pages in the front which contain helpful tools and basic piano/music theory.

* While this book is perfect for developing pianists, it could also be used in a primary setting as a simplified songook for the accompanist.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review