Fanfare Allegro - Trumpet, Trombone & Piano Ensemble Sheet Music

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Instrumentation: Trumpet, Trombone & Piano Ensemble

Format: Sheets

Composer: Robert D. Vandall

Fanfare Allegro, a trio for trumpet, trombone, and piano, was commissioned by the Music Teachers National Association in celebration of the MTNA Year of Collaborative Music 2011. The intermediate-level piano part is an equal partner with the two brass instruments. The trumpet and trombone often echo each other in the brilliant fanfare-like sections. Lyrical lines, traded among all three instruments, provide musical contrast.

"Fanfare Allegro . . . would make a wonderful contest or performance piece. Its catchy contrasts and energetic rhythms will be a lot of fun for both performers and audiences."
-Susan Osborn, Clavier Companion


(No reviews yet) Write a Review